Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Paulo's Mission" of uncommon valour

Currents of Liberty

And so they came
shaking and crying,
the halt and the lame
rolling, tapping, staggering
flying through dark clouds of uncertainty
airborne to be reborn
fear clutching at them and wisps of terror
trailing like the plumes of jet exhaust dissipating

Freedom so tantalizingly close yet ephemeral
in their clutch, flying to the light of possibilities
a genesis in Italy
a birthing of hope

Nascent and ridiculed,
a humble man stepped forward
in courage, brought to life by love
head high and steady with resilience
shouldered on through the barbs of the naysayers
as her gentle beauty fed his soul
and the whisperings of miracles
spread like melted honey across the world
from the boot that has been kicked
heel, toe, heel, toe
spinning in joyful abandon
from the cobblestones of antiquity
uniting, igniting, beginning


by Ruth-Ann Neil

July 24th 2010
Reprints with permission only

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