Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monarch's Declaration



We laid him to rest in the spring.
He asked to be tucked into “the warm, warm earth”.
A sweet son. He remains my benevolent angel.
He encountered cancer three times in thirteen years. Much of his life, he spent hospitalized, or on an intravenous at home. His journey was a magnificent adventure.
He met each challenge with courage and humor, whether he lost a body function, or was too tired to do the things we all take for granted.
He always found a new gift to explore, a new soul to help and bless along the way.
As he experienced cancer, I sojourned with M.S..
A year before he died, I tended to his needs in the night.
Isaac watched me limping and was moved to extraordinary compassion.
My beautiful son had tears in his voice, as he expressed to me that he wished “he would get cancer back and die”, so that he could release me from my care giving of him.
He thought that he was causing my disease to worsen by “making me tired”.
He was prophetic in his innocence.

I would have given my life for his.

Isaac was unaware that his cancer had not left but was “on board” and advancing.
I had the precognition and the “mother’s instinct” to pick up the “signs”.
I was already in intense communication with his physicians and arranging the “tests” to find out where the “cancer” was “hiding” this time.

I didn't want to be let go, but I was.

How many of us ever hear that kind of gratitude from someone, or witness such beauty or strength?
He fills his sister’s lives with birdsong and sends swallowtail and monarch butterflies to follow them.
He anoints us with the mist of rains to kiss our cheeks and wash away our sorrows.
Isaac is painting the glorious sunsets that we stand beneath awestruck.
He will always be our sparkling gem, our perpetual rainbow.

His life well lived, is our inspiration to dance in wild abandon and his invitation is
to live every moment in the present and in it's entirety.

Thank you for the gift of your life well lived my son
Mom                                     Ruth-Ann Neil        
Isaac August Reiter  Dec.16 1986--May 30 2010

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