Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CCSVI:The How and the Why ::: by Dawn Lazelli

This poem reminds me of the beginning of Living Color's song, "The Cult of Personality." The recording starts with a sound byte from Malcolm X, "...and during the few moments that we have left...we want to talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand."

I wrote this poem to explain Dr. David Hubbard's theory of CCSVI in a simple, fun way. Please feel free to spread it around. I only ask that you mention my name, Dawn Lazelli, as the original author.

CCSVI: The How and the Why
(A poem based on the Hubbard Theory)

Why do neuros exhibit anger and hostility?
Maybe what they need is a dose of humility.
Dr. David Hubbard, have you ever heard of him?
He studies CCSVI, and not on a whim.
He has a solid theory about why myelin is lost,
And a way to fix it at a very low cost.
There's oligodendrocytes, but don't ask me to pronounce it,
They're cells that make myelin, I'm here to announce it.
Lack of proper blood flow creates a stagnant swamp,
Without a normal system, the "olies" just get stomped.
An excess of other cells which to olies are a toxin,
Further weaken the poor dears, it's like they're forgotten.
Too much nitric oxide, too much glutamate,
Leftover neurotransmitters, they make olies abate.
Then myelin falls apart, white cells barge in the door,
To clean up the fragments, just like you sweep a floor.
The white cells are not the ones going on attack,
They have a job to do, so please cut them some slack.
So this is Hubbard's theory, why myelin's destroyed,
A viable premise, not the auto-immune void.
Forty years of research, billions of dollars expended,
On a worn-out theory no doctor has cemented.
Hubbard's done the scanning, Hubbard's done the tests,
That show abnormal results in people with MS.
Doctors open blockages in the jugulars and azygous,
To get the system flowing, with good blood they provide us.
As soon as the blood flow is properly restored,
Patients regain function. This cannot be ignored!
Your nerves may not be permanently damaged,
They're in hibernation, they cannot be managed.
There was a study with rats that were diabetic,
Remove blood flow to nerves and they are pathetic.
The nerves do not function. The rats cannot move.
Restore the blood flow and those rats, they improve!
There's evidence that flow relates to nerve function.
Move over auto-immune train, CCSVI's in the junction.
In forty years of research, have you ever seen such promise?
So why is your neuro being a Doubting Thomas?
It's time to give them the research and the statistics,
Demand that they notice. Demand that they fix this.
Demand they join forces with vascular doctors,
Demand this is where they put their research dollars.
If you don't demand and provide back-up facts,
They'll try to push away, they'll call you a hack.
There is evidence that blood effects the nerves!
Now go out there and fight! I know you've got the verve.

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