Saturday, August 21, 2010

Milky Way

"If you are uneasy around spiders, you'll be happy to know that no spiders have wings. However, they can fly, but only when they are tiny. Baby spiders, called spiderlings are fully equipped with web-spinning apparatus and the first product many of them spin is a 'parachute' to take them on an airborne journey."
quote: Nora Bryan
"Spiders use simple parachutes to ride the wind wherever it may take them. The tiny creatures, weighing only a few milligrams, typically crawl up to the edge of a blade of grass, stick their backside in the air and release a thin line of silk, like that used to build their webs."
quote: Roxanne Khamsi

Milky Way
Only here for a moment then caught up, wisped away like miniscule spiderlings
caught on the hot dragon’s breath of summer
tears must go somewhere,
sadness blown like hot sand grit whipped into my eyes stinging and burning,
salted into my lacrimal ducts like chunks of sharpened debris that I can scratch out of the corners
and fling up into the cosmos like flecks of stardust going home
by Ruth-Ann Neil
August 21, 2010

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