Saturday, October 16, 2010


There is a lot of info coming out of the conference in Sweden that is met here and there with panic and anxiety.
That is the difficulty without back up medical knowledge most people can't extrapolate the info into anything that makes sense to them.
If they all take a deep breath and someone like Dr. Sclafani or Dr.Sandy MacDonald provided an analysis of the "news" it would be helpful to the MSers that I see having meltdowns.
We as a large group of people need to stay calm and focused otherwise we are in danger of sounding "histrionic" and therefore invalidated.
I get deeply outraged with the pandering of our lives.
I have never and will never "give over" authority of my life to unscrupulous "self-appointed" experts of an old paradigm of medicine or methods of research.
It is time to move on.
"The old boys/girls club" truly needs to give way to the young, brilliant minds now emerging.
There are a few of us "older mavericks" that think outside the box...but a lot of the stale types are here as well.
Corruption and compromise of ethical standards is unfortunately alive and well in our Canadian Medical System.
How very tragic.
Must be a very big cash "cow" and ego "pay off" propelling the oppression of a group of people not unlike countries that Canada criticizes for their roles in Human Rights violations.
We as Canadian's apparently will approve the purchase of stealth fighter jets to the tune of 16 billion dollars!
Yesterday was my 53rd BD and I am happy to report that I had a great day and I STILL HAVE A BIG MOUTH AND AN ATTITUDE TO MATCH!!
I am still here but many of our "community" are not.
by R-A N.  October 16, 2010

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