Tuesday, September 28, 2010



photos courtesy of Ruth-Ann Neil
White Lake and surrounding area
of the area above Oliver BC


  1. dear ruth-a-n
    it took me a while to look into your blog since i was a little absorbed in my situation , not succeeding to see beyond.
    today is the first day of our year (jewish year, since we have a different calendar then the christians) nevertheless, our year beginns sunday, that means we had two motns of holidays (my twin kids 15 where more at home and i had to be aware of it) and then from the beginning of september till now, we had a month of jewish festives (metioning the beginning of the year), as you know, since the holocaust, as we have a country of our own we make it very jewish kind even if part of the jewish people are not jewish (religious or fanatic) anymore (i'm not) but since i've kids) i've to be part of that till they finish high school (in three years from now),
    well it is a long introduction since you are not acquainted with our way of life.
    anyhow, i'm glad ccvsi alliviate your symptoms and free some of your problems, i'm waiting that they will make it here too (since i've no money to travel abroad).
    in february 2011 there is a conference in an hotel in tel aviv about ccvsi connected with a big hospital i'm in it and my doctor attends this conference hopefully that will make a bust to this ccvsi procedure in israel too.
    i will continue reading you and glad to know you.
    By the way, how old are you, i could find your profile............ hope you will answer me.
    i'm 55 years old........... deliver my twins when i was 40
    and have a daughter of 25.
    that makes me very optimistic about life.

  2. I have not had the Liberation Procedure because in Canada it is still not allowed/covered if you have MS.
    I am advocating for that change as well..and I hope Israel comes on board for you all over there..
    If you continue on this blog you will see pictures and poetry about Isaac..my son who was an identical twin..the twin did not live to live birth but Isaac did and lived 13 magnificent years!!!
    He was born with cancer which he endured 3 times in his thirteen years of life here.
    I have other children aged ~27 soon to have a birthday..
    another who will be 21 soon and another who is 18.
    I am turning 53 in a few days...
    And very happy to be here!!!
    Great to hear from you

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