Monday, September 20, 2010

CBC's "The Current" Sad Reporting on MS "Liberation Procedure"

To CBC's "The Current".
In response to your show on September 20th 2010

Good morning

I must say that I was shocked and disappointed in the conclusion to the program presented on "liberation therapy" this morning.
The first components to the story of "opposed" medical breakthroughs" was stellar however the conclusion after listening to the "snake venom","bee sting" analogy was less than stellar.
I always look forward to "The Current" as a part of my morning but this morning when I heard the last sentence in the program I crossed the room and shut off my favourite program/station.
The medical system's territorial reluctance to expand their very lucrative "cash cow" to hands on treatment of a vascular component to the symptomology of MS are just as tragic and disgusting as the breakthroughs that were cited and were initially opposed.Your interview of Doctor Jock Murray( neurologist at Dalhousie University author of textbooks on MS as well as 200 "papers" published on the same) was featuring his "carefully measured voice" talking about "fatigue" in MS as a predominant feature of this disease.
I agree..but if you have compromised circulation and stenosed veins that are improperly formed or missing, you will have the symptoms of hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) and although the human body will compensate by building collateral blood flow..eventually that will be compromised at some point.
Fatigue of the CNS and the human body will result.
I live with "MS". I am tired every hands and feet turn purple, red and blue.
I cannot regulate my body temperature very well and I am very conscious of everything I do in terms of energy balance and expenditure.
All of the DMD's currently offered by neurologists (not all)and promoted by the MS Societies and pretty aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies..are very tragic since the latest released statement shows that CRAB's have little or no efficacy in treatment for MS with a cascade of side effects and a huge monetary cost to patients and the health care system and governments. At least $20,000 dollars a year alone and then add in the other costs of another drug to counteract the side effects of the first and the "snowball" continues.
Venoplasty is a simple technique used everyday in the entire world for a variety of reasons from varicose veins to treatment of failing and compromised veins in kidney dialysis patients. The cost of venoplasty is $1500.00 per procedure..and it can be repeated if need be.
Our Canadian and world wide Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists are ready to provide this treatment as an option to relieve debilitating "MS" symptoms
Look at the "conflicts of interest" in CIHR and the money exchange happening in the arenas "controlled" by neurologists and heads of societies that purport to represent us when they have a very clear vested interest to maintain us as "helpless" ineffectual people that aren't able understand what is good for us.
Do your research and look at the research that is being done right now
Apparently we are an ignorant populace, the people with MS in Canada all 50,000 to 77,000 of us!
Please, Anna Maria, do more research for us!!!
You have shown me over and over your ability to unearth oppressed information and expose the oppressors
It is not "sham science"....if it were a new "drug" it would have big press!!!!
Here is a statement by the Society of Interventional Radiologists
I believe that there is a very large body of egos entrenched in our medical bodies of so called "experts" that are reluctant to "move over" or share the stage.
I feel trapped by the current state of affairs in Canada when a simple procedure is being offered overseas with good results
"but not in Canada" and I cannot have venoplasty in Canada because I have MS.
Something very wrong with that picture!
Discrimination and "authorized" bullying.
I want the right to choose and be helped in Canada!!!
Talk to Dr. Sandy MacDonald in Barrie, Ontario..listen to his presentation in front of the Parliamentary SubCommittee on Neurogical Disease
Thank you for listening and all the best to you and yours.

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