Friday, February 11, 2011

Dance To Freedom

Dance to Freedom

Eighteen days to freedom
where the egoic arrogance of dictatorship
succumbed to the singing, dancing masses
marching to the chant of
"we are peaceful"

flags unfurled,
trembling like virginal offerings of a nascent Egypt
unveiled for the first time
fireworks ebullient like Aurora Borealis stroking the heavens

babies of the revolution held aloft
like the banners that floated among them

yet they bowed to pray
prayed for their future

not without a price
blood spatters rubied in the stones of Tahrir square

the pyramids of hope have opened
dance your way to your future
gentle, peaceful people

R-A N Feb 11, 2011


  1. Dance to your future-the words resignated with my soul. Thanks you-beautiful...

  2. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy yours...all the best every day, my friend:))