Friday, January 21, 2011

New Horizons

New Horizons

Of course, sometimes one simply has to try to understand that people are not perfect.
We are not “all the same” but we have more “in common” than not.
In fact we are all imperfect but we do have the individual choice, to lay to rest our "demons".
When we give them "air" or energy they may still "burn us".
We might then walk away and bless them as we go.
That removes the "negative energy" of the person/demon/situation, be it through presence or memory.
It is neutralized and is an opportunity to practise awareness, compassion and forgiveness.
To shelter oneself from fire or storm is good "self care", which opens the door to become who we truly are, irrespective of external circumstances.
Step out of the "shadows" of powerful, dysfunctional ego presence and "fly" to freedom.
Seek release from tyranny...ours and theirs.
This does not however, give anyone permission to abuse us and is not in the "realm" of "they couldn't help it."
Those are excuses.
We are accountable and responsible for who and what we are and do.
There may be reasons, but that is subject to individual bias and perspectives.
BUT, we can help ourselves...still love them, bless them and let them go.
Practice forgiveness and compassion for others and self.
Love one another.
Good self care.
New horizons.
A new year to begin again.

R-A N Jan 20, 2011

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