Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Explanation of MS

I want people to know about CCSVI.
I have a "label" of M.S.
 It was thus labeled because that was what "they" called it when "plaques" were observed in the brains of people long ago(post mortem).
They originally thought that the immune system did not recognize the nerve coverings in our own bodies, viewing them as foreign and needing to be destroyed.
For awhile "they" thought that these "plaques" formed on nerves in the CNS because like "electrical wires" that had  been bared by our own immune system (shorts), our own fighter T-cells went to repair "the damage"(our own nerve coverings-(myelin sheath) wth "electricians tape" and subsequently "repaired" the electrical "shorts" forming scars. (Bad wiring)
Somewhat accurate BUT then there have been more pieces of the puzzle revealed.
A genetic researcher (George C. Ebers) discovered that Vitamin D is a huge component that seems to be "low" in people with MS.
Vit D is actually a pre-hormone that the human body needs to metabolize calcium. MS people appeared to be deficient in this, so then Ebers reported that and looked further. His recent study indicates an anamoly with the DNA "switch" potentially "turned off".
No...they don't know how to "turn it on" yet...they are trying to figure that out, in the meantime...still take the D3 supplement.
So here is this.
If you lack D inutero it is absolutely essential for "bone formation and your developing immune system, AND, your vascular system. Pretty much EVERYTHING IN YOUR BODY needs D.
Bones too! Guts as well!
So, Dr.Paolo Zamboni in Ferrara, Italy  is a vascular surgeon and his wife was diagnosed with MS and he was devastated.( He has a  congenital neurological disorder of a different sort.)
He wanted his wife to take care of him as he grew old and of course he wanted her to live a fabulous, disease free life.
So he set about investigating MS and found out that fifty years before there was a body of research initiated in Austria that pointed toward vascular issues in so called MS patients.
He kept on going and turned up many things,,like MS patients used to be given blood thinners when they were diagnosed. (Not anymore). (practised for ~50 years)
He operated on his wife and 64 other people with MS and now the rest is history. He discovered a condition which he called CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency.)
CCSVI is now recognized in 47 countries! Not Canada!!!
 This procedure of angioplasty for veins was labeled "The Liberation Treatment".
Please Google CCSVI and DON'T listen to the naysayers. The media is reporting but not necessarily checking their sources.
There is a strangle-hold on the MS community because many people stand to lose a LOT of money
with this discovery. It is better to keep us away from self-advocacy and safely disintegrating in the corner, because we are a BIG cash cow for a lot of "coporations/societies/industries/medical fields" that would like this inexpensive procedure to be unavailable/withheld from a very, very "lucrative" herd of sheep that are controlled by others who profess to have our "best interests at heart!"
This a ground breaking field for vascular medicine.
It is a comorbid condition with "MS" which is multi-factorial and multi-causal!!!!
written by R. Neil

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